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Scott’s Rocks & Gems

Owner: Scott Blair
Address: 1009 Talent Ave., Talent, OR 97540
Phone: (541) 621-2558
Retail/Wholesale: Y/N
Etsy: ScottsRockTreasures
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Message to Customers: Take a beautiful stone and hold it in your hand. Try to feel what it holds for you – the energies within it; where it came from so that it could be with you at this particular moment, sharing whatever it has to give you; it’s mystery. Do this as much as you like and then, when you are ready, pass that stone on. Just hold it one last time and then let go of it. Feel it moving out into the world. Ages from now, this gift is still moving through people’s hands. Who can fully know all of the good that will come from this?

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Show Dealers

Our 2021 Rock and Gem Show was held the 3rd weekend of September.
If you missed the show or want to shop at another time, links and contact information are included on the pages linked below.

Contact Info

Feather River Lapidary & Mineral Society
PO Box 2645
Oroville, CA 95965-2645