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 2020 Worldwide Tumbling Contest!

Update: October 5, 2020

The Feather River Lapidary & Mineral Society, Inc. would like to congratulate the top 3 winners of our contest.

1st place winner: JOSEPH BLANCHARD OF IL.

2nd place winner: Bob Davis of M.I.

3rd place winner: Chuck Martin of MI.

I want to first thank all the contestants for being so patient with us. 2020 has been a tough year for many of us, especially with the Northern California fires once again. Four of the five judges were forced out of their homes while in the middle of judging the stones. Some were out of their house for 20 days! Luckily they are all back in their homes and the stones made it back to me safely. No photos yet of the stones. 

I would like to thank the five judges for this year’s contest: Tom, Suzy, Bruce, Carol and Jesse. Awesome job!

There were only 3 points difference between the top 3 winners. Following is the point system we use to judge your work. Points are 1 (pour) to 5 (excellent) for a total of 30 points. What we judge on is 1/Finish, 2/Chips 3/Polish 4/Grinding marks and 5/Overall appearance. We then average all five judges scores for the total points of 150.

Joseph was our first contestant that scored 5 points across the board for a total of 150 points. Bob scored 148 points and Chuck scored 147. Very close contest this year. Great job to the three of you! The remaining 24 entries ranged in points from 143 to 87.

We hope that you will join in the 2021 contest starting January 1. Cost will once again be $35.00. I believe the stone will be Burris Creek Jasper. Due to Covid-19 our travelling has been limited greatly this year. We hope that you are staying safe and healthy in these trying times. Now go out and brag about your accomplishments with the tumbling contest this year. You all deserve it!


Lori Millard, FRLMS Inc Tumbling Chair



The rock for 2020 is Lavic Siding Jasper from the desert of California. Entry fee is $35 for 3 pounds of rough rock for continental US residents. This includes shipping the material to you. Outside the USA will be $35 plus any additional shipping. Contest rules and application (pdf). Form is fillable via free pdf software. 

  • 3 lbs of rough rock will be shipped to you when the application and payment is received beginning in early January 2020. 
  • Deadline for application is June 1, 2020.
  • Mail 5 (yes only 5) of your best finished rocks and a copy of the entry form postmarked no later than August 15. 
  • Apply early in the year to have plenty of time to tumble. Take your time tumbling!
  • Cash prizes = $250, $100, and $50 for first, second, and third place winners!

To enter the contest:

  • Digitally: fill out the application above and email the completed form to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. (save completed document to your computer or print to pdf) and pay via PayPal (see link below on page)
  • Hard Copy: print and fill out the application. Mail the application and payment to FRLMS to: Tumbling Contest, c/o Lori Millard, 2660 Cherokee Road, Oroville, CA 95965

For more information, call Lori at (530) 533-2968 or email TThis email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Results will be posted on Facebook and here after the show in mid-September. 

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Congratuations to everyone who participated in the 2019 Contest!

The Feather River Lapidary & Mineral Society, Inc. wishes to congratulate


of the 2019 World Wide Rock Tumbling Contest. 

The 5 Rhodonite pieces he returned to our club were finely smoothed and highly polished. The finish he achieved was absolutely stunning.  Great work James!

Our next two winners



Unbeknownst to me at the time, these two are husband and wife.  Robert emailed me that he had taught Mary Jane how to tumble.  Maybe a little too well (ha ha)?  Great job, you two!  We’ve had adults sponsor their kids in the past, but never has a husband and wife competed to my knowledge.  The judges took a very long time to determine second and third placement.

A short story to show how dedicated some of our tumblers are:  Bob took his tumbler with him and his wife on vacation.  The tumbler ran non-stop in the back of his pick-up all day long and then ran through night in their motel room, much to the dismay of said wife, I’m sure.  Not much sleep was had by either of them.  Now that is total dedication in my eyes.  Also, very funny to me and other’s in our club that I told to at our general meeting.

I would like to thank our judges; Tom, Sue, Bruce, Jan and Steve for spending the day on Sunday meticulously going over each and every stone with a fine-tooth comb.  Amazing job and a long day.

The club would also like to thank Mike and Carol Eggleston for donating their collection of Rhodonite to this year’s contest.  We lost the original rough, as many of you know, to the Camp Fire last November.  Several of our members lost their homes and all their possessions.  It’s been a long haul and we wish them all well.  

Again, congratulations to our top three winners and a giant thank you to all of the tumblers around this big, beautiful world for joining in on the fun.  Hope you all enter our 2020 contest starting the first of January 2020!


Lori Millard
Tumbling coordinator, show chair, dealer chair, 2019 

 2019 tumble winner James Sisco web

 *More photos from the 2019 judging are posted on our Facebook page (posted in September 2019)

 *Info on the 2020 contest will be posted in late December 2019.

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The history of rock tumbling.

Updated September 12, 2020

Winning 2019 Tumbled Rock:

1st place tumbling contest website 2019
1st Place by James Sisco

2nd place tumbling contest website 2019 
2nd Place: Mary Jane Davis

3rd place tumbling contest 2019 website 
3rd Place: Robert Davis

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